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Keep This Kingdom Free Of Hassel [entries|friends|calendar]
A Cut Up Angel

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New ElJay [07-02-05 @ 12:21am]
[ mood | new LJ ]

Hey, I gots a new LJ. It's:


Add me & forget this one. I needed to start anew. (lol) Anew...haha.



She paints me blue.

Jones Holiday Soda [06-24-05 @ 7:09pm]
[ mood | amused ]

You Are Cranberry Soda

Pucker up!

OOOOOOOOOO! I got the one Frankie tried on Daily Download that one time. ::lmao::
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[06-15-05 @ 2:54pm]
[ mood | weird ]

EWW! I found an onion in my Cheesy-Chiken-Pasta! ::dies::



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Pink Clouds [05-27-05 @ 12:15pm]
Today has been hard on me, just like yesterday. Today I feel like I'm losing bits and pieces of me; my friends. I know we will all see each other again sometime, but it's not the same. It won't be the same. Everything is changing way too fast and I'm just not ready for it. I'm not ready. I'm not ready to move somewhere were I know almost no one. I'm not ready to be alone. I'm not ready to be depressed. I don't want to spend all my time wishing I was with my friends again. I want to BE with my friends again. I'll see most of them tomorrow but, others, I won't see for a very long time. Last night was the last time I will see them for a very long time, and I'm not ready for that. It's hard to go from seeing them almost everyday to not seeing them at all. I hate it. I hate it so much. Last night I cried myself to sleep. I woke up this mornig feeling miserable. I don't want to feel this way but I'm going to for a long time so I am going to have to brace myself. I guess what everyone says is true, for the most part. "You never know what you have until you lose it." Well, I knew what I had, it just took me until I lost it to realize it. I love you guys, so so so much. I wish things could stay this way forever and ever, and I hope to see you all again. And until that day comes, I'll remember the good tmes, and the bad. I will remember every time we shared together, no matter how small or depressing it may be.

Today, Savannah drew me a picture. It looked like a bunch of scribbles in different colors. I asked her what it was andshe told me,"That's manda, carissa, chrissie, angela, and lindsay in your guyses dresses." My heart sank. "And what are those?" I asked her, pointing to the pink blobs above us. "Those are the clouds." is all she said. I couldn't believe it. My little sister, two years old, had made me cry. I just hugged her and cryed. She told me it was okay and went and watched the Wiggles.

....I want to live in a place with pink clouds.

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[04-09-05 @ 9:26am]
[ mood | gai ]

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Friends Only [03-19-05 @ 10:06am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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im fucking pissed [02-01-05 @ 7:49pm]
[ mood | fucking pissed ]

agh! aris is such a bitch. she wrote this in her lj:


(Subject is a line from Perfect by Simple Plan)

I wrote an e-mail to carissa sayin I don't think her, lindsay, amanda, angela, and basically everyone except 3 or 4 people are really my friends. This is what she had to say :
Not-so-emo Ari Big, huge reality-check.
ever heard of an attention grabber?
"Rip that mask off babe. You're not fooling me one bit. You're just making a fool of yourself."
"And I'm telling you I'm A FAKE!"
*I'm going to say exactly how I feel*
Ari, okay... first off, you are NOT emo. So drop that EmoAri crap. I get mad because it's not true. You have freinds (I know I s pelled it wrong), ari, and I don't believe you because you act fine when I'm around you. Yet you go and write bull shit like that. Would you believe it? I don't. No one does. Amanda actually acted the way she said she felt. And if you feel we aren't your friends, why do you hang out with us? I'm sorry but I can't make you feel better. No one is perfect. There is no such thing as the Perfect Friend. Marnie and you get along so well because you're not around her all the time. When I move, if we leave off on a good note, we'll get along so well but I just feel you're faking it. I find it strange that you like almost everything I like. I feel you're faking it to be my freind (sp... I know). I'm friends with people with great personalitys... You could have a great personality if you didn't try. Stop trying and be yourslef. Maybe this is a good mental slap for you. <3 Love, Cris
And then angela and lindsay signed it.

ever heard of an attention grabber? Yeah, I have. It's something you use when writing an essay.
And if we aren't your friends, why do you hang out with us? Good question... Maybe because I'm the fuckin outcast everywhere I go. And it seems like I am even with you all, who are supposedly my friends. (But friends don't do shit like this, believe me... I asked Michelle.)
No one is perfect. Did I ever say you had to be? No. Did I ever say you were? No. Did I ever say anyone was? No. You did. So fuck off.
Marnie and youg et along so wellb ecause you're not around her all the time. How the fuck would you know? You don't even fuckin KNOW her! You can't say that because I'm not with her all the time like you guys, that that's why we're such good friends! We're such good fuckin friends because she actually cares about how I feel. And she doesn't think I'm fuckin lying to get goddamn attention, bitch.
I find it strange that you like almost everything I like. Big. Fucking. Woop. So I like My Chemical Romance? Wtf does it matter?! Now if someone likes what you like, they're automatically trying to be your friend? What about angela? Or amanda? They like the same shit as you, and me not to mention, and they're not trying to be your fuckin friends. What's going on there? So sorry, I didn't know I wasn't aloud to like The Used, and I didn't get the fuckin memo that only your friends can like Taking Back Sunday. -_-;;
(And my personal favorite-) Stop trying and be yourself. Now I'm fuckin trying to feel like this?! I'm fuckin trying to get you all fuckin pissed at me? Wtfh?! I can't help how I fuckin feel, bitch. So stop saying I'm trying to feel this way. Because I'm not. Fuck you.

I'll update about the rest of my day later. I want to go talk to Kyle now. (Because he's one of my real friends.) See ya, bitches.
--Just to make that bitch, carissa, mad...--
**Comment if ya care, but ya don't, no one does**
x Emo Ari x



and i replied with this:


what the hell is your fucking problem? I try and try to actually believe you but everything you say doesn't add up. i gave you the benifit of the doubt before but this time im notgoing to be miss nice cris anymore. im fucking tired of this! why is it that everytime i feel everything is okay, something has to go fucking wrong. i dont need to know marnie to know that the longer youre away from someone the more likely you are to get along. and bitch, dont EVER try and pull the blame on my FRIENDS. this is between you and me. and us ONLY. angela, manda, and lindsay dont like everything i like....you do. i find that strange. you used to not be like this. when i made friends with you, that was the person i was friends with...not EMO ARI. by the way, youre not emo. How do i know? because i know you well enough to know. anyone would agree with me. so next time you see me, dont pull on that everything is alright face.... be you. now, if you want to try and curse me out agien, you'll regret it. and i dont care if you tell everyone my secret. go right ahead. its just a little anyway. big fucking woop.



if you agree with me comment....

4 Inside her room. She paints me blue.

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